Monday, August 20, 2007


The modular synthesizer (aka moog synthesizer), was developed in 1960 by Robert Moog and Donald Buchla, and of course this innovation marked a major change in serious music. The first Moog instruments were modular synthesizers. In 1971 Moog Music began production of the Minimoog Model D which was among the first widely available, portable and relatively affordable synthesizers. In 1953 at age 19, Moog had foundeded his first company, R.A. Moog Co., to manufacture theremin kits.
Questioner: First off: Does your name rhyme with "vogue" or is like a cow’s "moo" plus a "G" at the end?

Moog: It rhymes with vogue. That is the usual German pronunciation. My father's grandfather came from Marburg, Germany. I like the way that pronunciation sounds better than the way the cow's "moo-g" sounds.